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The Lumber-Room - Saki

The Lumber-Room


A hilarious and charming story about a child’s victories over a strict, small-minded aunt. Saki, through the imagination and wit of his young protagonist, shows us a magical world that adults often ignore. Our first illustrated title, featuring the work of Magda Boreysza.

Hector Hugh Munro, pen name Saki, was a British writer whose witty stories satirised Edwardian society and culture. He spent time in Burma, working for the Imperial Indian police, but eventually became a journalist, stationed at one point in Russia, where he witnessed Bloody Sunday. He died at the age of 43 after signing up to fight in the First World War, even though he was officially over-age. It is said that he returned to the front many times despite being sick and injured. He was shot eventually by a German sniper; some sources claim his last words were ‘put that bloody cigarette out’.

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