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The Dead - James Joyce

The Dead


Set against the backdrop of a country struggling to define itself, 'The Dead' tells the tale of a Christmas gathering in Dublin at which Gabriel Conroy, nephew of the hostesses, must make a speech. A story in which little is explicitly endorsed, but much is suggested, love and loss intertwine in the concluding paragraphs as snow falls faintly over all of Ireland. Joyce’s masterful prose moves from the arresting purity of dialogue to the elegiac symbolism of Gabriel’s strangely consoling epiphany.

Written in 1907 in Trieste, Joyce’s “first great song of exile” has kept itself recommended to readers since its publication in 1914.

Our best selling title is available in a new, hardback edition, featuring specially commissioned illustrations by William Bock, and a variety of patterned cover by Carta Varese of Italy. As with every Paravion edition, the first page is blank ‘for your correspondence’, and we’ve included a custom mailer, making this an excellent seasonal token of correspondence.

Born in a suburb of Dublin in 1882, James Joyce was one of the most influential Irish authors of the twentieth century. The city would feature prominently in his writings as he sought to describe the universal urban experience, including the early short story collection Dubliners, and later in his Modernist epic Ulysses, an unmitigated vision of lived reality as experienced by hundreds of the city’s inhabitants on a single day in 1904.

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