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Canarino - Katherine Bucknell

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David is a wealthy investment banker living in London; Elizabeth, his wife, is a woman of peerless beauty and refinement. They have two children; their marriage seem perfect. Why does she want him to retire and move home to America? One summer evening, David, alone in their empty mansion, receives a phone call from a long-lost friend. So begins a tale about friendship, marriage, and betrayal that is filled with unexpected reversals.

Canarino is a portrait of intimate relationships set in a world of privilege and achievement. Its characters possess personal gifts in dazzling abundance, yet their appetites to succeed, to be exceptional, tempt them to risk everything. How can we recognize love and friendship? Which are the bonds that bind people longest? What is the cost for the heart of seeking perfection?

In Katherine Bucknell’s first novel, beauty and passion are stalked by desolation. Like the drink of the title—boiling water over a twist of lemon peel—the prose has a sharp delicate clarity. Beneath its polished surface lie psychological depths both uncanny and haunting. Canarino is a novel that lingers in the mind, a remarkable debut.

Katherine Bucknell is the editor of Christopher Isherwood’s Diaries in four volumes and of The Animals, a volume of letters between Isherwood and his partner, Don Bachardy. She is also a scholar of the poetry of W.H. Auden and edited his Juvenilia: Poems 1922-1928. She is the author of four novels, Canarino, Leninsky Prospekt, What You Will, and +1.

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